Custom Apparel

Team Practise wear is essential to your teams’ brand and success, making your  athletes look and feel more confident when performing. At Diamond Fit, we believe that every team is unique, and we are committed to working with you to create custom designs that reflect your team's personality and style. Whether you need customised team bags for traveling to competitions or custom T-shirts to show off your team's colours, we've got you covered. 
In addition to our entry-level fully-sublimated uniforms, Diamond Fit offers upgrades such as metallic fabrics, mesh, and intricate rhinestone detailing to provide endless possibilities for teams to create a unique look. We understand that a team's brand and appearance are important, and we are committed to providing high-quality products at a competitive price.
Our product range includes team practise wear, team bags, competition uniforms and other accessories that are designed to make your team stand out from the crowd. We will work closely with you to design and manufacture exactly what you are looking for, and help you create a cohesive, professional look.
The Process:  
  1. Get in touch and send us your favourite designs, ideas or inspiration. The more info we have the better we can be at designing your dream apparel!
  2. Our amazing designers will take your concepts and give you 3 fabulous designs, this will typically take 1 week, this is so our design artists can give you something uniquely yours! If you don’t love it, you have 2 free revisions. The design fee is completely FREE with your order, however, if you don’t go ahead there will be a $250 charge. If you decide you want to do something completely different and we need to do a redesign there will be a charge of $75/hr.
  3. Once you have approved the design we can then go to sample and bring your uniform to life! Let us know what size or sizes you would like to sample, sample price dependant on item. Some items such as screen print t-shirts / sweatshirts do not require a sample.
  4. Once you have paid for your sample, it will take 2-6 weeks to manufacture depending on the complexity of your custom idem & a few days for shipping. Please note sublimation can slow down this process. 
  5. Once you sign off on the sample, we can go full steam ahead and make your teams apparel! It typically takes 4-6 weeks plus a few shipping days for full delivery. 
  6. If you need something in a rush please let us know so we can ensure we meet your expectations, we don’t want anyone to be disappointed!
Ready To Get Started?
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